Our Mission

Pan Del Barrio is a Cottage Bakery located in Barrio Logan, San Diego. 

Our focus as a bakery, is to provide naturally leavened breads and quality baked goods throughout San Diego County. We maintain quality by using natural, organic and local ingredients. We also source our Spring Water from Palomar Mountain, located in northern San Diego.. 

 Every bread and pastry is hand mixed, baked to order and available for pick up and delivery.

In our 3 years of business we've been able to achieve multiple goals thanks to the help of our Family, Friends, & Community. We were able to donate a variety of baked goods to the less fortunate, obtain a quality oven, quality water storage, and flour mill. 


Our mission is to continue sharing all we receive with anyone that has a passion for baked goods whether it's consuming or creating it. & to further educate the importance of natural, organic, local and fermented ingredients. 

Thank you everyone who has donated, everyone's feedback, everyone who's been though our ups and downs, and for continuing to support our small local business.

We look forward to sharing more memories with you