Hello Everyone!


The past 2 years with Pan Del Barrio have really flown by. We’ve overcome so many different obstacles, met so many amazing people and accomplished more than we ever imagined. Everyone’s continued support has truly motivated us to continue striving for our biggest dreams, to ultimately share with our friends, family, and community. 


In our last post we spoke about an uncertainty about our new spot, and unfortunately it has caused us to relocate again. During this uncertain time, the universe has blessed us with a new spot in Barrio Logan. Here we can finally have a solid location for pick ups throughout the week and more space to expand our productions. This space will hopefully be the first of many steps to us obtaining a brick and mortar in the near future. 


My family has started a go fund me to help us transition into our new spot. 


With your donations and support we’re are sure we can reach our goal together. Please share this post and spread the word. Our move in day is August 1st and we’ll be promoting this a lot the next few weeks, sorry in advance! 


Order form will be opening again soon, but we still have our survey up if you’d like to help us improve in our new adventure. 


Thank you again for everything and can’t wait to share this new spot with you 💛 


Have a great evening 

and Take Care!



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